My design process starts with inspiration. I find inspiration in many corners of the internet, podcasts, runway, museums, and through the creative people around me. I like to draw out a lot of options and ideas. I ask myself, "Is this weird?" or "How can I make this work?" I star my favorites, then draw them out on mini croquis to work out proportion. I line them up next to each other and start the editing process from there. I believe that as a designer, not only do you need to generate new and novel ideas, but you must also be able to edit those ideas. As you can see, my sketchbook plays a primary role in my design process. 

I have always been attracted to drawing faces. My initial interest in fashion came from my desire to draw women. Taking a step away from designing apparel helps me look at my sketches in a different way. It broadens my focus and keeps me open to new ideas and silhouettes.